Are you into romance?

Then you have to read my latest book, the romantic, erotic novel What you wish.

A romantic and erotic novel that will make you long for more.
What do you do when you believe that marriage should last until death do us part—and then fall in love with someone other than your husband? What hap-pens when you meet the love of your life after you have gotten married?
Kristine is caught in a dilemma. And to make things even harder, she has children, there is a financial crisis, and divorce is not an option. Her attitude is that no child deserves to be a child of divorce, but it is also becoming more and more clear to her that the price of her children’s happiness may be too great.
Kristine Lundgren Larsen is 37 years old, the mother of two children, married, and works in the nature and planning department of a municipality where frequent rounds of budget cuts mean that employees are bounced between departments, the municipal director rules with an iron fist, and no one knows who to trust. Her search for security sends her into the arms of Thomas Bjerre, a charming director who can fulfill all her dreams—if she dares to let him.

“I was caught and enjoyed reading the book to such an extent. A wonderful book that encourages both dreams and reflection.” Reader review
“… a moving journey through grief and betrayal.”
Reader review

“Super good book that catches you right away, a wonderful love story” * Reader review