Do better

In the six years I have frequented various literary circles there is something that stands out. Something different from all the other areas I’ve moved through.
It is the inability to receive criticism.

“I am perfect”

It’s not just about that quite a few writers can not accept criticism, but also that a very large proportion do not think they need it. They perceive themselves as artists and believe that only real artists can see the value in their work.
They see no need to learn to write better.
No need to point the pen and make the text more interesting.
No interest in learning to perform their works in a better way, for example, by learning to be better at reading or standing on a stage.
And therefore they will never be better!
Therefore, every book they are writing does not sell more than 200-300 copies. Therefore, they rarely read or hold lectures.

I’m sure the above does not apply to you, because you would not be on this page. You’d like to be better. Try to review if there are areas where you deny yourself success because you will not learn to do better.

You should be able to receive criticism if you want to be a good author.
Do not be self-sufficient and think everything is perfect.
Learn to read up.
Sign up for writing courses.
Learn to get better.
Do something better today than you did yesterday.