Gittemie Eriksen

Big publishers

The big publishers have changed a lot in recent years so they now only publish books, they are certain to have bestsellers potential. That is, books they expect can sell in at least 3000-5000+ copies. A few years ago, it was enough that they had an expectation of a sale of at least 300 books – which typically suited what they sold to the country libraries. But in many places, libraries have joined together and the books have given way to meeting rooms and public services. This means that there is less space for the more special releases. For books that hit a narrow niche. But it’s not the same as the need for these books! Or that you can not make money on them! Because you easily can.

I threw myself into it

I became an author without knowing what I was doing. I did not know anything about editing, fonts or catchy covers. I had not thought about marketing at all and did not know what a libary review was. Full of courage and very little knowledge I threw myself into it and published my first book.
However, when I stood with the proof of it, it seemed to me that the courage to be an author was not enough. The world was not in line waiting to buy my book.
Every mistake I committed taught me a hundred new things, and I quickly realized that I had a lot of knowledge I could use on my authorship from my 9-5 work on communication and branding.