Don’t be afraid to sell

My biggest fear when I started as an author was definitely to have to sell. I hate salespeople and I feel like a prostitute when I have to stand and shout: buy me, buy me, for random passers, to create a sale.

This was how I went to fairs and market days when I started as a consultant 13 years ago. As an unknown consultant, I tried to imitate what I saw, the other consultants did, but I did not feel comfortable at all. I stopped as a consultant and got a permanent job.
But when I became publishing author, I had to go on it again. I should have butter on the table and food for my children.

But I discovered that it was completely different now. For now I sold something I burned for. Something, I had heart and soul. I also discovered that I really did not have to sell, but just had to inform about my books. The readers who were in the audience of my books did not consider it to be sold to, but rather as a welcome service announcement!

So do not be afraid to sell. If readers like what you write, they will also be interested in buying from you. You do not have to sell on the car seller way, just do it. Tell them that you need to buy your books so you can pay your rent or buy food for your children. Tell you how exciting your books are and share small appetizers. Try it, it will not feel like selling at all.