There is nobody better to tell about your book than you

Do you belong to the group of suffering authors?

Yes, sorry, I’m provoking a little bit now, but I meet astonishing many authors who prefer to struggle through life because they only sell 200 books every time they publish a book, even though it received great reviews and the publisher praised it to the clouds and proclaimed the author as the star of the year. It only lasted until the publisher released the next book and the spotlight was directed at another.

“I was the star for a week. A month later my book could be bought for half a book in the bookstore.”

Such a depressed author told me when I was at an event in the authors association. She had only sold about 200 books and did not know what to do. And I have met many after her.

Authors who write well and dream of an authorlife, but who can not quit their 9-5 jobs because they would never be able to survive on the low income they receive from their book sales.

There will be published almost 15,000 books a year in Denmark (subject + fiction, Statistics Denmark).

If you don’t want your book to disappear in the crowd, you have to do something about your author brand. If you get really big, the publisher probably does the PR for you, but until then you have to take your writing seriously if you want a chance to live on it.

There is nobody better to tell about your book than you. You just have to learn how