Gittemie Eriksen


The days when nothing will succeed

Do you know the days when you don’t feel worthy?
The days when nothing will succeed?
Your editor has given you a crushing criticism, so you doubt whether you can ever write a word again.
Do you know that?
I do.
I think most authors do.

Does it affect you?
If it makes you better then it’s okay.
If not, you need a strategy to get yourself back on track.
And you may want to borrow my.

You must start collecting praise. Make a folder – physically or on your computer – containing all the praise you get. Reviews, feedback from readers, editors … continue the list!
Next time you have a bad day, you will find the folder and read until you have raised your mood. If it does not help to read them once, read again. And again.
The stupidest thing you can do is let the criticism stop you.

Feel free to share on the blog or Facebook if you have your own strategies to get up again once you’ve let the criticism hit you.

Don’t be afraid to sell

My biggest fear when I started as an author was definitely to have to sell. I hate salespeople and I feel like a prostitute when I have to stand and shout: buy me, buy me, for random passers, to create a sale.

This was how I went to fairs and market days when I started as a consultant 13 years ago. As an unknown consultant, I tried to imitate what I saw, the other consultants did, but I did not feel comfortable at all. I stopped as a consultant and got a permanent job.
But when I became publishing author, I had to go on it again. I should have butter on the table and food for my children.

But I discovered that it was completely different now. For now I sold something I burned for. Something, I had heart and soul. I also discovered that I really did not have to sell, but just had to inform about my books. The readers who were in the audience of my books did not consider it to be sold to, but rather as a welcome service announcement!

So do not be afraid to sell. If readers like what you write, they will also be interested in buying from you. You do not have to sell on the car seller way, just do it. Tell them that you need to buy your books so you can pay your rent or buy food for your children. Tell you how exciting your books are and share small appetizers. Try it, it will not feel like selling at all.

There is nobody better to tell about your book than you

Do you belong to the group of suffering authors?

Yes, sorry, I’m provoking a little bit now, but I meet astonishing many authors who prefer to struggle through life because they only sell 200 books every time they publish a book, even though it received great reviews and the publisher praised it to the clouds and proclaimed the author as the star of the year. It only lasted until the publisher released the next book and the spotlight was directed at another.

“I was the star for a week. A month later my book could be bought for half a book in the bookstore.”

Such a depressed author told me when I was at an event in the authors association. She had only sold about 200 books and did not know what to do. And I have met many after her.

Authors who write well and dream of an authorlife, but who can not quit their 9-5 jobs because they would never be able to survive on the low income they receive from their book sales.

There will be published almost 15,000 books a year in Denmark (subject + fiction, Statistics Denmark).

If you don’t want your book to disappear in the crowd, you have to do something about your author brand. If you get really big, the publisher probably does the PR for you, but until then you have to take your writing seriously if you want a chance to live on it.

There is nobody better to tell about your book than you. You just have to learn how

Make time

If you are one of those writers who insist that you can only write when you sit behind your desk, wearing your slippers, with tea in the cup and the door closed, try to challenge yourself. Try writing a few lines the next time you have a wait. You can write on your mobile or on the back of the memorandum.
Just try to get a little down.

Describe the feeling you got when the health fanatic passed your carriage and gave you a look when she saw you had creamballs in the carriage. Or your annoyance about the long queue at the vending machine, which again was broken. Or write further on the phrase you heard over by the cold counter.

It can turn into a lot during one week. Especially if you usually only have time to write on weekends.

Do better

In the six years I have frequented various literary circles there is something that stands out. Something different from all the other areas I’ve moved through.
It is the inability to receive criticism.

“I am perfect”

It’s not just about that quite a few writers can not accept criticism, but also that a very large proportion do not think they need it. They perceive themselves as artists and believe that only real artists can see the value in their work.
They see no need to learn to write better.
No need to point the pen and make the text more interesting.
No interest in learning to perform their works in a better way, for example, by learning to be better at reading or standing on a stage.
And therefore they will never be better!
Therefore, every book they are writing does not sell more than 200-300 copies. Therefore, they rarely read or hold lectures.

I’m sure the above does not apply to you, because you would not be on this page. You’d like to be better. Try to review if there are areas where you deny yourself success because you will not learn to do better.

You should be able to receive criticism if you want to be a good author.
Do not be self-sufficient and think everything is perfect.
Learn to read up.
Sign up for writing courses.
Learn to get better.
Do something better today than you did yesterday.

The real you

We can feel if people try to hide something from us or maybe even lie to us. It makes us unsafe and uncomfortable. Readers who are uncomfortable will not be hanging on your blog and they will not sign up for your newsletter at all.
Let your readers get to know you. We are most secure with people we know. Show them where you write. Invite them to your writing process. Let them meet you.
Do you design your own covers? Then tell your readers about it.
Do you love to write in bed? Then show it to your readers.
Do you always drink lemon water when you write? Show them!

The readers will meet the real you. They want to get behind the curtain and see the truth.

I threw myself into it

I became an author without knowing what I was doing. I did not know anything about editing, fonts or catchy covers. I had not thought about marketing at all and did not know what a libary review was. Full of courage and very little knowledge I threw myself into it and published my first book.
However, when I stood with the proof of it, it seemed to me that the courage to be an author was not enough. The world was not in line waiting to buy my book.
Every mistake I committed taught me a hundred new things, and I quickly realized that I had a lot of knowledge I could use on my authorship from my 9-5 work on communication and branding.