The days when nothing will succeed

Do you know the days when you don’t feel worthy?
The days when nothing will succeed?
Your editor has given you a crushing criticism, so you doubt whether you can ever write a word again.
Do you know that?
I do.
I think most authors do.

Does it affect you?
If it makes you better then it’s okay.
If not, you need a strategy to get yourself back on track.
And you may want to borrow my.

You must start collecting praise. Make a folder – physically or on your computer – containing all the praise you get. Reviews, feedback from readers, editors … continue the list!
Next time you have a bad day, you will find the folder and read until you have raised your mood. If it does not help to read them once, read again. And again.
The stupidest thing you can do is let the criticism stop you.

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